The Lock Box: an Honest Craft Beer Subscription for Genuine Beer Fans

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The Lock Box: 8 World Class Beers Every Month. No Filler.

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The Lock Box is our core beer subscription, a beer club with 8 outstanding brews which are sent to your door every month. We stand for clarity and trust, showing you what’s gone out in every box so far.

The Lock Box Craft Beer Club

Most of the December 2014 Lock Box

Too many beer clubs hide their offerings, sending out a few great bottles, surrounded by filler. We originally set up The Beer Vault after too many frustrations of that kind. We wanted to curate the type of beer box that we’d love to get: 100% top class beer from a variety of excellent breweries.

The Lock Box aims to offer a variety of beer types, ABVs and breweries. Sometimes, we’ll have a themed box which might have more of a certain variety, such as our super hoppy February box, but mostly it’s about letting you try new things, and getting a range of tastes onto your tastebuds. Every month we’ll write up a description of each beer, helping you to learn a bit more about it, the brewery, the style and how it should taste. You can develop your palette as well as your beer knowledge right along with us.

If you’re not quite convinced, you can see the contents of every box since we started shipping – just go to the full list of past bottles here: a History of the Lock Box. You’ll find amazing brews from the likes of Beavertown, Buxton and Weird Beard. What about bottles like Wild Beer Scarlett Fever, Celt Hallstatt Deity Pomegranate Fruit Saison or Siren Undercurrent Oatmeal Pale Ale? These are the brews that you need to try before you grow up and your beerbuds give out. If you sign up for this beer subscription and join us in the Vault, you’ll benefit from every bit of beer industry experience Bruce, one of our co-founders has, in finding and sourcing the best old and new beers on the market.

Remember, the Lock Box is our core box, delivering amazing quality and great value every month. I say VALUE because while we’re not the cheapest beer subscription out there, we give you the best quality for your hard earned pennies. Great beer costs, but filler bottles don’t, so trust us to send you more than your £30 worth every month.

Join Today and Get 25% OFF your first box: only £22.50 for beer nirvana. We can’t wait to see you in The Vault!


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