Siren Craft Brew’s Love of Work

Siren Craft Brew’s Love of Work

3.6% ABV | Earl Grey Pale | 330ml | Siren Craft Brew | Berkshire, England

“All beer drinkers should be able to enjoy craft beer as wine drinkers enjoy the finest wine,” claims Siren Craft Beer, and we’re inclined to agree. Beer drinkers have often been relegated to a second-class enthusiasts, curmudgeons who would sooner crush an emptied can on their forehead than dissect the nuances of a fine Belgian Trippel. Luckily for us (the sophisticated beer chuggers of the world), breweries like Siren exist, eager to readily disprove this misconception and elevate the art of brewing of brewing to a level that parallels the offerings of any vineyard. Take that, sommeliers.

Sophisticated and exacting, the brewers at Siren have an almost sinful amount of pride in their process. They make use of the finest ingredients. Their methods are measured and meticulous. They absolutely, positively care. Everything Siren does seeks to exalt the glorious and noble beer, and the fervor and passion in which they brew is an enviable force indeed. And it works. In a short period of time – they opened their doors in Berkshire in Berkshire in 2012 – Siren has garnered the adoration of the public, going from RateBeer’s “Best New English Brewery” to “Best Brewery in England” in record time.

But all of this sophistication lives alongside a certain playfulness that brings it all back down to earth. Celebrate the quality of your malt bill all you want, Siren, but you have a beer called Big Inflatable Cowboy Hat. And we like that about you.

But we’re not here to talk about cowboy hats, inflatable or otherwise. Today’s beer is called Love of Work, a dainty brew that nevertheless leaves a big impression, an agreeable little beer that we’re sure you’ll love. Siren is another brewery that relishes in mixing the established classics alongside other adventurous oddballs, and Love of Work is almost certainly the latter. – it is As a gentle (a mere 3.6% ABV) blonde with a playful hint of Earl Grey tea. This joyful little beer mixes an American hop pedigree with the pleasantness of English tea to create a flavorful sip that won’t overwhelm. The beer is simple, refreshing, but most importantly, tasty.It’s a simple pleasure, to be sure, but it’s sure to make you smile, and sometimes that’s all a good beer needs to do.

“In great beer there is allure,” says Siren. We’ll drink to that.