Three Boys Porter

Three Boys Porter

Out of Christchurch, New Zealand’s award-winning Three Boys Brewery, the Three Boys Porter is an English-style porter that has taken the country (as well as various other parts of the world) by storm. With balanced and toasted malts (including a predominate chocolate malt), the beer boasts of a complex flavor. In addition to the malt addition, the unique hop variety is also to thank for the porter’s distinctive characteristics. Using classic English Fuggle hops (which allow the beer to maintain its traditional porter taste) as well as various New Zealand hops (which give it both spiciness and originality), the brew is a creative twist on the standard porter.

Coming in at 5.2% ABV, the Three Brothers’ beer is in the mid-range of the ABV range for an average English porter. If anyone thinks it lacks in strength, however, that’s more than made up for in flavor and character. The porter pours a deep—nearly black—color and has a consistently creamy brown head that provides lots of lacing. The porter has a surprisingly thin consistency that might threaten to compromise the integrity of the brew if it weren’t for its unique and intriguing flavor. Like most porters, the brew has strong notes of coffee and chocolate (both aromatically and in flavor); however, Three Brothers Porter also offers a spicy, fruity twist on the original and an added kick, thanks to its extra hoppy essence.

Its medium body and smooth, creamy texture are enhanced by additional notes of flavor: raspberry, blueberry, and a subtle roasted smokiness. With an incredibly sweet profile, the brew pairs well with more savory foods and various grilled meats, as it tends to bring out the smoky and roasted undertones.

Three Boys Brewery prides itself on its natural brewing process, emphasizing practices like not filtering or pasteurizing their beer. The founder of the establishment, plant scientist Ralph Bungard, opened the brewery in 2004, after having lived in the UK and been inspired to bring delicious, local craft beer to his home country. Upon the successful creation of a few staple brews, including the Three Boys Porter, the label quickly became one of New Zealand’s most popular. Originally found exclusively in its native Australasia, the porter has slowly begun to rise in popularity, and it can now be found in select areas of the United Kingdom.

For those dark-beer lovers looking for a unique approach to a classic favorite, the Three Boys Porter is a must-try.