Partizan Iced Tea

Partizan Iced Tea

(3.8% ABV. Saison, London, England) 330ml bottle

Partizan Iced Tea Craft Beer

Like tea? Like beer? So do Partizan, so much so that they’ve carefully fused the two most enjoyed beverages in the world together for your enjoyment. 

Partizan love saisons and clearly love experimenting with adjuncts in them. In beer terms adjuncts are anything other than malts, hops, yeast and water. In the past, the bold and clever bods at Partizan have spiced saisons with everything from black pepper, thyme and mango to lemongrass, fennel and lychee.

The practice of adding unorthodox grains and fruit to farmhouse ales isn’t without historical precedent. French and Belgian farmers would frequently use leftover small batch grains and fruits to add fermentable sugars and flavours to their provisional ales.  With Iced Tea, Partizan have taken this notion and ran with it in a quite literally fresh direction.

The beer is brewed with lemon, lime and orange zests and a healthy amount of green tea. The result is a spicy and refreshing Belgian farmhouse table beer with an earthy, slightly astringent body and dry finish. Needless to say the aroma erupts with citrus notes. We think Partizan are one of the most exciting new breweries in Europe, so expect to see more beers by them in future Beer Vault boxes.